Exercise Living : Stay Calm

  • Action Video
  • 03:20
  • 2019

This work in progress was created during my residency at the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco, which is part of the Asian Cultural Council 2018 Program. The video content is an experiment I conducted at Portsmouth Square in Chinatown, San Francisco. Some particular social and cultural factors have created a unique social sphere in this Square. Pigeons, homeless, tourists, Goddess of Democracy, gamblers, children playing, crazy people and playgrounds..., compared to the words of energetic blessings on traditional buildings in the square, these elements that appear on the Portsmouth Square every day are like a microcosmic projection of the real world, we can clearly see a contrast between the two but are unable to point out the problems. When the contradiction develops into a habit that is part of everyday life, any absurdity doesn’t seem to be so strange anymore.

This experiment does not prove anything. We only see people firmly fulfilling their own lives and calmly coping with daily life.